Apr 16, 2010

My Beautiful Family

My beautiful family at the art show!!! Margaret came along in the middle of the master's program! What a joyful distraction! My wonderful wife worked very hard to allow me the time to work on my art & class work. I am a very blessed man!!!

A Video Tour of the Show

You've seen the pictures...now get motion

sickness as you see the art!! Plus, video

commentary by TED!

Sophia's FIrst Art Show

This is Sophia! She's my daughter's BFF.

I can't really tell if she's enjoying the show,

but no matter...I'm glad she brought her

mommy to enjoy the art work!!

Janet Is Always Teaching!

Janet just can't help herself. She was showing

some of the people at the art show how to see

the hidden words in her art!!


Here we are at the opening night of our art show!

Apr 15, 2010


Janet Malone is the other artist in the show. She and I attended college together in Ohio, we are both art teacher in Metro Nashville Public Schools, we've served on many leadership teams together, and we've worked on our master's degree together. She is the little sister I never wanted...can't seem to get rid of...... but couldn't imagine life without! She's known as Aunt Janet in our house now...and my family is blessed to call her friend!
Janet's art is amazing! She uses glass seed beads to create her pictures....gluing them on one by one! Yes, she is crazy...but what artist doesn't have a little crazy going on?! She sometimes has problems keeping people from touching her work. The tactile nature of the beads calls for fingers to touch....but...DO NOT TOUCH THE ART WORK!!!



Pond of Life (L) & Dismal Sunset (R)
The Four Seasons
Gold & Green
The Four Seasons Series: Spring(L), Summer(ML), Fall(MR), Winter(R)
Landscape in the Round
Landscape Series: Watery Blue(L), Rolling Green(ML), Rough Red(MR), Purple Dunes(R)


I want to thank Fifty Forward Donelson Station & Jane Schnelle (the director) for allowing us to have our show at your fine facility, and allowing our opening to coincide with Titanic's opening!

Apr 14, 2010


(A big thank you to Lori Newbury for the invitations & business cards!)

Apr 13, 2010


Getting ready for the art show has been an adventure! I missed out on this aspect during my undergrad because I received a BS in Art Education. I was only 3 classes short of having a BFA, and one of those classes was Senior Seminar. Senior Seminar was a class that prepared you for being an artist as a profession and putting together a show. All students with a BFA or BFA Teacher Prep had a senior show. I've had small showings before, but nothing to this scale. I am so glad that Janet Malone was doing this with me, because I would have not been able to do this on my own. I see that no artist should be an island!!! At least I know I can not.
For the show, I decided to go back into several of my pieces and make changes so that there was more of an overall cohesive feel to my work. I also opted to complete a series (The Four Seasons) that I had abandoned one semester. Laying all the work out, I feel good about the choices I've made, and that the collection is a good representation of my as an artist.
Framing and matting art can be almost as stressful as creating the art. You can really do your work injustice if you pick the wrong frames, colors, or mat the work poorly. I decided to go with all black. This works well with my use of heavy black lines in my work, and allows the color to truly pop.
Though it is a great deal of work, I know that the show is going to be amazing & it will all be worth it on opening night!