Apr 15, 2010


Janet Malone is the other artist in the show. She and I attended college together in Ohio, we are both art teacher in Metro Nashville Public Schools, we've served on many leadership teams together, and we've worked on our master's degree together. She is the little sister I never wanted...can't seem to get rid of...... but couldn't imagine life without! She's known as Aunt Janet in our house now...and my family is blessed to call her friend!
Janet's art is amazing! She uses glass seed beads to create her pictures....gluing them on one by one! Yes, she is crazy...but what artist doesn't have a little crazy going on?! She sometimes has problems keeping people from touching her work. The tactile nature of the beads calls for fingers to touch....but...DO NOT TOUCH THE ART WORK!!!

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  1. This is my first visit here. Janet's artwork is vibrant and beautiful! And if I were there, I feel sure I would have...to...reach...out...and...touch...it....